Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Organizing Update Embellishments

So this may come as a surprise but I really don't have a fondness for embellishments. I don't use them a whole lot although I'm getting better with them. And I just have so many of them!!! I almost never make Christmas cards because I just have too much Christmas stuff!  When my mom and I got our scrap-rack 2ish years ago we loaded most of our embellishments into it. So honestly most of this was done. There were a few things that just needed to get sorted through and added in that we had accumulated in the last year or so. Here's what are scrap-rack looks like it's far from pretty and pretty overloaded but we've purged quite a bit and we've been pretty good about using stuff.

So for this challenge it's been a lot of working on back-stock. We have Ribbon and Washi Tape stored in other places. We also have glitter stored in other places. So I've been working on sorting through everything and "Cataloging' where the majority of it is stored. So pretty much everything is done! We still have a little more to do over the next few weeks as the challenge continues and sorting embellishments continues to be homework but we hit a little snag in that we wanted to put a few things in those really small baggies but we don't have those right now. We have to take a trip and go get some!

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  1. I have lots of embellishments as well. And, like you, I don't use them much. I'm trying to get into using them more just to reduce the amount of "stuff" I have. Congrats on a good organizing job.