Thursday, December 31, 2015

What's the Story Morning Glory?

So I'm keeping with the spring theme. Today we have this super cute card.

I discovered the Deerie Dolls digi stamps a few years ago and simply fell in love. This one is a relatively old one but I think it's super cute! It been sitting on my computer unused for awhile and I finally decided to print and use it! The stamp is called Morning Glory Swing Girl which is where the title came from!

Now to the details:
Stamps: Derrie Dolls Morning Glory Swing Girl
Paper: White thick card stock from Office Depot, Doodlebug Design
Ink: Printer Ink, Copic Markers

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Here where I live in Wisconsin got hit by a pretty nasty ice/snow storm earlier this week. Now generally I don't mind snow. But when the ice gets involved it's not cool. I also appreciate it more when it comes before Christmas not after.  Anyway that's not what your here to read about. You want this.
 Simple but cute and somewhat spring and summery. 

Now Supplies:

Stamp: Sparkle n Sprinkle Bicycle Black and White (It's a digi) 
Ink: Printer Ink, Copic Markers 
Paper: White thick card stock from Office Depot, Doodlebug Design 

And the last piece of business



Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Let's Give This Another Go

This may totally fail... But I'd really like to give this blog another go. I know it's been roughly 2 years but I'm finding myself really missing this. My life got a little crazy and I lost my stamping mojo but I'm feeling a little more creative right now so hopefully I can get this going again. I already have some cards done and nearly ready to post, I got some new crafty toys for Christmas and I can't wait to share!

My 2015 was rough and I'm hoping my 2016 will be much better it's already off to a better start!!! So for tonight I leave you with good wishes for the new year! But I may see you before then. We will see.