Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Craft Space Tuesday: Scrapbook Expo Part 1

Hello! And welcome to another episode of Craft Space Tuesday! This week we have my haul from Scrapbook Expo. I mean come on you know that's what you all really wanted to see!

If you're interested you can check out the youtube video below as an overview and get more information below.

I was so excited to earn enough buttons to get my I conquered scrapbook expo medal this year! I was one button away last year!!!! So I was able to get the I helped button for volunteering on Friday morning. The I cropped button because we did the crop on Friday. The I learned button for the 2 classes we took and finally the I returned button because I came back from last year. :)

This is the first class we took which was hosted by Bee Creative. This class was called 4 inked and embossed cards. As part of the class, we received a free embossing folder that you can see up in the corner, as well as a paper tape runner from scrapbook adhesives which isn't pictured. 

The blue card is a shaker card made with the fuse tool. It was nice to have the chance to play with it but I don't think I'm a big fan of it or that I will end up getting one of my own anytime soon. The next card is the music note card the techinque showcased on that card was to just rub an ink pad over the embossing which I already do fairly often. Although it did showcase their shimmer cardstock which looks really nice but I really don't need any more glitter cardstock. The next card just expanded on the technique from the music card but just had us mixing colors a little. The big showcase of this card was actually the little birthday cake. You may know this technique but it was new to me. Have you ever seen those sort of glittery 3D type embellishments? This was meant to mirror that idea. We suck a dimensional to the back of the sticker then covered the sticker in baby powder which took the stick off the back of the sticker! The last card was meant to showcase embossing folders as a focal image. The best part of this card was getting to play with the spectrum noir sparkle pens. I actually really like them even though they were all exploded over everything because airplanes have a habit of messing with markers.

Next up I picked up some clear bling and some florish bling from Want 2 Scrap. 

These are some brads I picked up at Eyelet Outlet. I really needed to replensh my suppy of just plain old brads.

This was my big purchese from Sparkle N Sprinkle. I got rid of all my embossing powder a few years ago and decided I wanted to give it a go again. Last time I bought packs with like a ton of colors in them and I just didn't use it. So this time I just got the basics and a better quilty embossing powder. They are Black, White Detail, and Clear.

This is a paper pack I picked up for $2 I was going to be good and leave it. But my friend convinced me that it was polka dots and I had to get it. Now I hadn't fliped through it because as I said I hadn't intened to buy it so when I went in to use it It was a little more distresed then I had intended. I actually used it in last Friday's Video!

This is a stamp set I had been eyeing up for awhile to be able to do up my envelopes with it. I was thinking I was going ot have to get it online but I'm so glad I was able to find it at Expo!

This if from Krazy Kreations. I picked up a set of their outline stickers these one happen to be teddy bears and a set of their glitter paper to play with.

Then I got these lovely Lawn Fawn stiched regtangle dies from Nicole Peterson Desgins.. I was also able to pick up the Stamp Shammy from Lawn Fawn from her both but I couldn't wait and already had that opened and used. able to pick up the Stamp Shammy from Lawn Fawn from her both but I couldn't wait and already had that opened and used.

This is my "free" gift for taking part in the crop. To be honset not super impressed.... Everything this year was Christmas themed. I haven't made anything Christmas themed in almost two years. I made so many early on that i just got to a point where I  didn't need anymore because I don't have many that I actually send out. But in my kit I got a pack of pre-scored cards a bunch of journaling cards and some little tiney cardboard words.

I was also lucky enough to win the doot prize at the crop! There was a whole bunch of paper and embeslishments as well as a spectrum nior markers and some glue dots.

I was really happy to find some Copic markers! I haven't bought copic markers in almost 2 years! That's crazy! I'm so happy I was able to add 10 new markers to my collection!

Then there were more markers! This is actully from the second class we took. We got a free blending set! I couldn't find my thrid marker when I took this picture but there are indeed 3!

This is everything else from the class. You can see what we colred up in the right hand corner, Then there is also the stuff to make the example card. The extra outline stickers and family the door prize card kit. Everyone got one because there were 5 people in class and she had 5 prizes to give away and I got this little teady bear one.

That's it for today but don't wory there's more come back next week!

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  1. OMG Sami!!! That is quite a haul!!! You definately must have had a good time!

  2. Such a fun post... thanks for letting us live vicariously through you. ;)