Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Craft Space Tuesday: Card Artist

Welcome to Craft Space Tuesday! For anyone who's new Craft Space Tuesday is where I talk about the hot topics in paper crafting!

This week I'm tackling a topic that's been on my mind for a couple months now.

What do you call yourself?

Do you consider yourself to be a cardmaker? Scrapbooker? paper crafter? just a regular crafter? an artist?

Artistic, Artist, Creative. These are words I don't usually use to descie myself but lately I have been. I've used the words Cardmaker, PaperCrafter, and Crafter as words to describe myself. But lately I've really shifted the way I think about what we do here. And I've defintly started use artist to describe what I do. I think I'll always use Cardmaker and Crafter as the primary words I use but I'm thinking of myself more as an artist to.

Short topic today because I don't have any pictures or anything to go with it. But I'm already starting to work a little on next weeks post and could use your help!

If you wouldn't mind stoping by this link and answering a few questions for me. That would be wonderful!

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  1. I usually say I ama card maker, but sometimes I will say paper crafter, just to include other things I make occasionally. Mostly bookmarks, gift tags, covered journals.