Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Lovely Springtime

I'm pretty sure this stamp started as a bride but I just turned her into a girl in a pretty dress.

This one is super simple.

1. I colored my lovely little lady. She's one of the free images from these copic coloring books I have. I don't remember what colors I used because I did it awhile ago but I wish I remembered how I did her hair because it looks like one of the best things I've done. Then I cut her out with my you guessed it SNC!!!

2. I cut the layering papers they are all form Crete Paper.

That's it. This was by far the easiest card I've made in a while and a toal throw bak to when I started making cards and this was basically what all my cards looked like.


  1. Fabulous card, Sami! Looks like you are channeling some Sleeping Beauty - she IS a beauty!

  2. She sure is pretty...maybe she can be a bridesmaid this time, LOL