Thursday, January 7, 2016

Party Pup

I don't need anymore girl birthday cards... I need a boy one.. and in my attempt to make a boy birthday card... I made a girl one... I have one more week to crank out a boy Birthday card. I can do it!!

But she's just so cute!!!!! When I printed her off she just screamed pink and purple.... and to be fair her collar does say party girl so there was no way this was going to be a boy card...

Stamps: Sparkle n' Sprinkle

Ink: Chemelon Pens

Paper: Crete Paper and Stash Paper


QKR Stampede

PDE Linky Party


  1. LOL. Funny that you were working towards a boy card, but still ended up with a girl card. Sometimes the design just takes over and becomes what it wants to be. Maybe some blues and oranges. Then it will be for a boy (or at least neutral) ;) Good luck!

  2. Ooh, Sami, this is adorable! I've done the same thing with my starts out as something and winds up something totally different. Any time the something different doesn't involve the trash can, I consider myself on the plus side. You'll figure something out in the next week, I'm sure.