Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chamelon Pens

So a little break from cards today but I want to do a little product feature. Last August I went to Illinois for Scrapbook Expo. A vendor was selling chameleon pens and I pointed them out to my mom saying I had heard of them and I really thought I wanted them but was worried about my copic collection. I of course had done the research that they worked together but I worried they would go unused. I had seen a something at another booth I wasn't sure I wanted and while we were walking around I decided I did in fact want it and went back to go get it, she told me she didn't want to back track and would meet me. Well apparently she was doing some Christmas shopping.  Because I opened presents Christmas morning and was surprised to find a new box of Chameleon Pens under the tree. While I had wondered off at Scrapbook Expo my mom and gone back to that booth and bought me the whole set! All 22 pens! I was so shocked!!!!! Of course I opened them right away and began coloring.

The dog was the first thing I colored when I opened the new pens, and Fancy Marci was the last thing I colored that day. My overall opinion? I LOVE THEM! They are so awesome and easy to use. Will I get rid of my copics? No Will I stop buying more Copics? No. But I know I'll get just as much use out the chameleons as my copics.

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  1. These are so so sweet, Sami! What delightful coloring! I have heard good things about chameleon pens - glad you liked them, too!