Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 Getting Orginized

My 2016 Crafty Resolutions... Your probably thinking it's the middle of January Sam aren't you a little late to the party? Well maybe... But there's a reason.  My mom and I are participating in the Totally-Tiffany Get Organized Challenge which starts today. My mom and I have decided it's time to get organized! So were doing that plus a few challenges over at SCS. Namely Use it 2016 and S2S2016. I'll try and post the occasional update here about how all the organizing goes.I wanted to share some of the plan with you. Keep me honest if you will.

For Stamp 2 Spend my mom and I agreed on "Prices" so every time we complete one of the activities we get to put so much money into a "Craft Budget" so here's what we agreed upon.

5 Cards: $10

5 ATC: $1

1 Premium Item: $5

1 Challenge Entered:  $1

1 Blog Post: $1

1 Gallery Upload: $1

Then for the Get Organized Challenge  we had to come up with rewards for each week as well as the big benifits and this is what we came up with.

What we will have at the end of the challenge or the big benifits
  • More Orginzed 
  • Able to Make More Cards
  • More Time Crafting, Less Time Orginzing 
  • Easy to Find Items 
  • Always Know What We Have
Then the weekly rewards:

Week 1: Chesecake

Week 2: Visit to 2 of my not so local LSS

Week 3: Order from a stamping website we don't useually order from

Week 4: Mani/Pedi Day

Week 5: New Outfits

Week 6: New copic case and some markers

Week 7: Out to a special resturant

Week 8: 1 or 2 craft classes.

We'll see how this goes... 

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  1. Ugh... I am a resolution hater... but I love the spirit of it. I set myself some resolutions and have already fallen off the bandwagon! Good luck with yours...I think organizing is a never ending chore that just never goes away (at least in my world). Happy Stamping!