Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Boy Card

Alright Friends we have another card! As much as I was struggling to come up with a boy card a few weeks ago now I'm on a role apparently!!

I still feel like it's missing a little something... but I couldn't find anything I liked when I made it. I just sorted through a bunch of stuff so I might have to go back through all that stuff and see if I can find something.

This one was real easy to make.

 1. I cut a white card stock sheet in half to make the A2 size card.
2. I colored in Luca with Truck first. His hair, skin and pants are colored with copics. Everything else is colored with chameleons.
3.. The orange stripe paper is from Doodlebug designs cut to layer at 1/4'
4. Then the blue is from the stash and also cut to layer at 1/4'
5. Finally the Happy Birthday is from that mystery stamp set that was featured on my last card... (and the next few cards actually)


  1. Hi Sammi, love your cute boy card. Welcome to our DT and am following you. Click onto my name below to take you to my blog..xx

  2. Great card... a teen boy would think it's cool!