Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Craft Space Tuesday: Strech Your Stamps

Hello and welcome to another Craft Space Tuesday! This week we're talking about different ways to use your stamps. I went through my technique binder and pulled out some of the samples I've made using stamps in a different way! Before we get started I just wanted to say that these are all samples meant to just be references for me so they are far from my best work.

 This is probably the easiest technique that any one can do! If you have clear photo-polymer stamps they're pretty bendy All you have to do is bend them into a different shape!

This one's a little different and didn't photograph well at all so I'm going to include the video for this one from Stamp TV.

This was a fun technique I got from a Jennifer McGuire video! All I did was paint with watercolor the background stamp and emboss over and rub a baby wipe to lift off some of the color! I'll be showing this one again in a couple weeks!

This one is of my favorites and also inspired by a stamp tv video. It makes a great background! All you need to do is take a stamp. Stamp with Versamark and emboss!

Here's another cool background idea! You can stamp any stamp repeatedly then take a white pigment ink and brush it over the center. This lights part of your image and lets you stamp something in the middle.

This was the technique behind yesterday's card. It's simple a bunch of stamps stamped in random order in a lot of different orange colors! You can do it this with any stamp or any colors!

For this one you cut a shape and stamp inside. Now I hand cut this shape but you could easily use a die cut!

This is similar to the last one. Take a shape and trace it then stamp around the outside.

This was probably the easies of them all . I simply staped with versamark and then put chalk over the top!

I hope I could give you some new ideas to try!

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