Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fake Cake

Some of you know that I'm a theater kid. I'm can be an actress, a singer, a stage manager, a crew person, a light board op, hang lights, build sets and make costumes. Basically I do a little of everything (something better then others... much better in some cases...) but my 3 favorite things to do are preform, work backstage on a show and be a props mistress. Every summer I have the amazing opportunity to be a props mistress for a community theater's Summer musical.  Even though my job isn't always easy I always have fun and get to make some great friends on both the production team and in the cast. This will be my 4th season with this theater and my 6th show... One of the parts of my job is to every once in a while make up a prop that I can't find anywhere else. Once again some of these are harder then others but the end result is always worth it especially when you hand a personalized prop to an actor that always makes them excited! So here is the first of the only 2 props I needed to make for the show I'm working on now.
 IT'S A FAKE CAKE!!!! Looks real doesn't it! It's Styrofoam (don't eat that) but it's got real fondant on it and royal icing (that stuff you use to make gingerbread houses it doesn't taste good.) It's very hard now by the time I took it to rehearsal last night it had been sitting out for 24 hours  Doesn't mean the actors can be mean to the cake they still have to be gentle but it will hopefully hold up for our 4 week run!

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  1. I thinks it's wonderful that you dabble in all the different aspects of the theater. Your cake looks great, definitely would fool me :)