Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Craft Space Tuesday: Getting ready for Scrapbook Expo!

Happy Craft Space Tuesday!!!!

I'm 9 days out from my 2 day Scrapbook Expo extravaganza!!! And I'm getting more and more excited.  So this weeks post is about how I'm getting ready for this 2 day event!

Well how do you get ready for scrapbook expo? Don't you just show up and shop?

Well to a degree yes. But I have a number of Scrapbook Expo events planed. I also have a friend coming from out of town to join me. So there's some extra planning and organizing required but I also know how I work.

I love going to scrapbook expo. I love looking at all the interesting things that aren't always super accessible to me the rest of the year.  The first year I went to scrapbook expo (when I started this blog!!!) I just went in and shopped. It was probably one of the most overwhelming things I had ever done. It was the first time I had ever been to something like that. As I said I love looking at everything and often get distracted by all the new shiny so because of this I like to come in with a shopping list of sorts. I may get some of the things on the list I may get all of them I may get none of them. It's all flexible. But it helps me stay a little more focused.

The other thing I worked on is a crop packing list! Because this is a 12 hour crop (actually it's more then that) !!!! So I started my packing list.

And that's where I'll leave this post for today. Next week will be all about me packing for the crop!

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  1. Crops are so much fun! it is so good that you are organized and planning on what you will need- I always take too much.....

  2. It's good to have a plan... especially since you're flexible with it.

    Have a lot of fun at the crop... and shopping, too!