Monday, January 21, 2013

My First Real Post of 2013!!!!

Hey Everyone!

I'm really sorry about my not so great updates as of late. I made all those cards in 2 days and really just wanted to get them up here to show off! Anyway I officially start school again tomorrow so I'm going to try to update a little more. (What can I say blogging is a good procrastination tool (:  ) But obviously with  school comes less time to actually make cards.So I thought I'd maybe do some "wordy" posts. I'm going to keep it all crafty related and I'll still sprinkle in cards as often as I can. But I do want some input from you leave a message in the comment box with any suggestions for these filler posts. They can be questions about something I've done or my personal crafty style. They can be about anything crafty really! After I get a few suggestions I'll make a new page at the top of my blog with questions and ideas. And maybe the next part of my post will spark some ideas!

This post is inspired by this post over at SCS. I thought I would make my first official post of 2013 about my crafty goals.
1. Use up my stuff!!! I have 5 boxes of paper and 1 and half dresser drawers filled of paper! True 3 of the boxes are themed (Fall, Holiday and Disney) but still the stuff needs to get used! My goal is to have a good chunk of it used up by April when the Scrapbook Expo comes back to my area.
2. Make an inspiration binder. I thought it would be kind of fun to make a binder with all kinds of sketches and tutorials to keep with my crafty stuff.
3. Keep learning and improving my cards. I feel like most of cards are pretty straight forward right now I want to keep learning new techniques and push myself to try more unique things.
4. Start looking into DTs. I don't think I'm up for doing a company design team but I always though it would be fun to be on a DT for a challenge blog. I'm still in college for about another 2 years so it might be awhile before I have the time to join one. But it never hurts to start looking at them. Maybe I'll get lucky and be able to find one I can do now.
5. Submit to some publications. It's another thing I've always wanted to do but never have. Can't hurt to try can it.
6. Send Cards!!!!!

So there are my 2013 crafty goals! Feel free to share yours in the comments!

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  1. Great start for 2013. Love your goal setting for your crafts. I too, set some of my own to do more scrapbooking this year.